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We feel the single most important aspect is the nurturing of a living soil, as it is the foundation of our farming program. This is done by the use of ore based bio-mineral fertilisers and specialised soil microbial inputs and the understanding that the use of broard acre pesticides can have a detrimental effect on soil health. The results of this program are the significant increase in soil organic matter level and soil microbial volume and species, as well as the remineralisation of the soil. In practical terms, not only has this program resulted in high productivity across the farm, it has protected the farm from many of the disease and soil issues that many of conventional farms experience. These issues include non-wetting, pathogenic fungi and nutrient leeching, all of which greatly impact the productivity and profitability of the farm.



Healthy Soil

Soil is a living organism that needs to be nurtured.

Microbial Rhizosphere

A plant root system showing much healthy bacterial and fungi support. 

Australian Mineral Fertilisers
This is the ore based mineral fertiliser used to remineralise the soil.
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