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While our passion is for the environment, the farm itself revolves around prime lamb and wool production. Our sheep health is directly connected to the remineralisation of the soil, a major component in our farming system. The high pasture and fodder production as a result of the system has lead to a high carrying capacity 50 to 70% higher than district average, lambing percentage as high as 140% in Merino breeds and the productive age of our ewes going beyond 9 and a half years. Our lambs are a 100% grass fed and go straight from our farm to the market. 


Grazing Lambs
3 - 4 month old prime lambs finishing off on spring pasture.
Twinning Ewes

An example of healthy twin lambs eating alongside their mother.

Shearing shed

The pointy end of the farms wool production.

Nine Year Old Ewes

 Nine year old Pregnant ewes grazing on pasture just prior lambing.

Quality Wool

Good wool produced by our nine and a half year old ewes.

Ready for market

Lambs being loaded onto a truck in preparation for sale.

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