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Visitors & Field Days

Afternoon Tea with Sabrina Hahn 

Each year Stonemeal Farm host's an afternoon tea with garden guru and radio host - Sabrina Hahn - usually around November. Contact us on how you can register.




"What a pleasure to see in practice so many of the principles that we hope will become mainstream in farming in this and every other country! Visiting Steven and Kerry’s farm is like a breath of the very freshest air. For anyone interested in food and how it should be grown, Stonemeal Farm is a completely absorbing and fascinating place to visit. I look forward very keenly to my next visit and to our most fascinating conversations about all those healthy and beautiful plants, and the healthy soils that support them. If there’s one place to see real Earth Magic in action, then it is here. ”

Andy K

(Andrew Krajewski Ph.D. Director and consultant, International Citrus Technologies Pty Ltd, Albany)


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