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A biodiverse environment is the interactions between the diverstiy of life across the farm, no matter how big or small. It starts with the preservation of native vegetation and the planting of different tree and plant species across a wide range of environments; down to using diverse pasture varieties, soil microbial species and a broad spectrum of minerals added to the soil. 

What this does is increases productivity, supports natural methods of controlling pests and diseases through encouraging a wide range of insects, birds and natural predators in the farming system. The result is no use of broard acre pesticides which in turn continues to build up the diversity of the environment.


Tree Plantings

A Carob tree (left) and Honey-Locust tree (right), are stock fodder trees that we planted.


We turn our dams into water environment through rush and vegetation plantings.

Native Vegetation

The preservation of our native vegetation is a valuable asset to our farm.

Pasture Species

Growing a variety of pasture species provides diverse feed, extended productivity and low disease/insect risk.


One result of our healthy water habitats and very tasty!

Picture Plants

Example of a healthy native species flourishing in our bush land.

Green Tree Frog

Part of a healthy diverse environment.

Fan Tail Having a Bath

One of the dozens of bird species that inhabit our farm  assisting in natural insect control.

Minerals in the soil
The use of ore based mineral  fertilisers and soil microbe applications signiifcantly improve soil health and plant growth.
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