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Pasture & Fodder

Part of our farming system is the growing and harvest of all our own fodder, both hay and haylage. We are constanly testing the quality of our fodder by looking at protein, digestability, metabolisable energy and mineral content. As a consequence of our farming system in conjunction with the GrowSafe® program, we produce very high quality fodder which is a full maintenance ration for the sheep. Due to this program, we no longer use any mineral supplements and very little veterinary intervention for our sheep.

When we renovate pasture, we direct drill the seed straight into existing pasture without any use of herbicides. This strategy protects the existing species in the pasture, uses far less fuel and has a very short recovery period to when the paddock can be grazed. We have found that harvesting our own grass seeds and coating the seed with beneficial soil microbes has led to better germination, early productive growth and drought tolerance. 

Rye and Clover Paddock

High production pasture on sandy, acid soils.

Saia Oats

A field day visitor standing in the oat crop ready to cut for hay. 

Diverse Pasture Stand

Healthy pasture with consistent growth and colour without the use of broard acre pesticides.

Direct Drilling Pasture Seed
Renovating pasture without cultivating and using herbicides.


Hay Bales

High protein, mineralisation and metabolisable energy pasture hay.

Hay crop in Late Spring

Production of 24 six foot rolls per hectare.

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