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To The Table

On Stonemeal Farm we eat seasonally with the additions of our own preserved goods. We don't have the need, nor want to purchase fresh food from commercial supermarkets as we have more than enough variety in our own seasonal garden. All of our fresh food has a far longer extended shelf life, without the loss of flavour or nutrition, compared to commercially grown food. By eating seasonally our palette is always interesting. We are constantly exploring different cuisines and creating new dishes to suit the seasons. 

Our ecological footprint from growing our own food is minimal and what little wastage we have is recycled in the garden through chicken feed and composting. All our produce has great value and we try never to waste it. From garden to the table and back to the garden it is a constant positive cycle.

Summer Fruits

Here we have a selection of berries and stone fruits.

Homemade Soup

Pumpkin and sweetcorn soup made entirely from our own produce, enjoyed with homemade bread and herbs.

Coffee Beans

It has been a challenge to grow coffee in our environment and the prevailing result was only three cups of very tasty coffee for a lot of work!


A typical salad for lunch created from ingredients that are seasonally available.

A Mornings Harvest

Each day we go out into the garden and pick what we need for the day, incuding food for preserving.

Preserving Tomatoes

Our tomato crops are so productive we preserve for our annual supply. This includes bottling, puree and sun drying. 

Sweet Potato

We grow all our own sweet potatoes and they have a shelf life of up to a year. 

Drying Plums

All of our excess fresh fruit is either dried or bottled so that we can use it all year round.

Summer Variety

This is an example of just a few varieties of vegetables that we harvest in summer.

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