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Growing Food

Our passion for growing our own food started with the realisation that health is directly related to the nutritional value of food. When we began remineralisaing the soil, our sheep began to produce more, lived longer and required very little medical intervention. We strongly believe how food is grown is more important than the type of food when it comes to nutritional value and health. The number of fruits and vegetables you eat are irrelevant if they have been grown poorly with little nutritional value.

Food grown on the chemical farming system used by many conventional farms worldwide is often nutitionally poor and grown with excessive use of chemical fertilisers, specifically nitrogen and phosphorous, which neglect many of the important broard spectrum minerals needed in food for our health. On top of this, the over use of toxic pesticides in growing food inevitably end up in that food, creating a great deal of health concerns across the population.

We grow enough food for our family all year round and often trade excess produce with other GrowSafe® users. 

Onion Crop

These high yielding onions have been turned over to prepare for final harvesting.

Carrot Seeds
Collecting seed has improved the production, resilience and germination of our plants. This is an example of drying seed for our own use next spring or summer. 
Butternut Pumpkins and Squash

These pumpkins have an exceptional shelf life and will last up to a year with no flavour loss.


We grow a number of potato varieties, including the Black Congo that has a long shelf life and delicious nutty flavour.

Macadamia Nuts

This Australian nut is easy to grow and the most important nut variety in our garden. We eat these all year round.


An essential part of our system by recycling food scraps and provide eggs all year round.


Big and flavoursome tropical fruit grown in a cool winter environment.

Corn Cobs

Our corn grows to over two metres in height, is high yielding and sweet. 

Productive Garden

Our vegetable garden is easy to maintain all year round, always producing a wide variety of food and we are proud to say every meal is from our garden. 

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