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Tree Collection

Our tree collection started in the early 1980's as our passion and this hobby of collection trees developed into identifying species that would be suitable for our farm. We looked at different species that would give the most diversity and add value to the farm. These trees are varied in use, producing fodder for livestock, hardwood timber and firewood and honey and pollen for insects and birds. The selection of trees for planting in padddocks led us to planting deciduous that improve pasture productivity and help reduce the risk of fire intensity. 

Port Jackson Fig

A spreading tree with great fire retardent qualities

Swamp Cyprus


Cork Oak

Part of the oak tree collection.

Bunya Pine

Australain native producing huge seed cones with edible curnal, an Aboriginal delacy.

Spanish chestnut


Oak canopy 


Yellow Robinia

  on the left and Washington thorn hedge on the right.


Beautiful autumn colouring.

Cedrus Deodar

One of the many cedars in the collection.

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